How do you fill the pool?

How do you empty the pool?

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Birth Pool with water?

Does the pool come with accessories?

How do you recommend we clean the pool?

How do we keep the water hot in the pool?

How hot of water can the birth pool handle before potentially damaging it?

How do you get the wrinkles out of the floor cover?

Do you recommend using a sump pump?

What hose do you recommend to connect to the sump pump to drain the pool?

Is there an instructions list for setting up the birth pool?

How big is your birth pool?

Do you offer a product warranty for the birth pool?

Is the liner required for the birth pool to function?

Do you offer your products in wholesale prices?

How do I become an affiliate?

Do you ship outside of U.S?

What were the changes made to your Liners?

How do you ensure the quality of your birth pools?